Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Evaluation on Economic Programs of President Noynoy Aquino in His First Year Term"


President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III has passed a year in his presidency. June 30 2011, the date wherein President Benigno Aquino III, son of the former President Corazon Aquino and Benigno Aquino,Jr., became the fifteenth president of the Republic of the Philippines.
Many have anticipated his first year in the position. Many have anticipated what will his future plans and projects are. One of those is his Economic Projects. During the presidential campaign, he said his plans were more jobs for Filipino workers, larger budget for poverty alleviation project, expansion of PhilHealth program, the reassessment of BIR’s tax rulings process, the Zero Based Budgeting and more. Do you think he will be able to accomplish his plans before his term end in 2016?

  • In his speech, he said that his administration have done fairly well in their first year. He also added that in the coming years, he is expecting that all members of government, with the help of the Filipino people, to work together even more and hasten the realization of the change for which his administration aspires.

  • In his 1st year as president, the economic model being followed by Aquino today is not different from the model followed by almost his predecessors. Instead of adopting long term solutions to the problems in economy, the Aquino government has adopted foreign dependent framework.  

  • During his first year, we noticed that most of his plans were not yet started.. We still count some of his plans successful like the very famous “Walang Wang-Wang”. We notice that there is no much news about his economic plans. Nowadays the “Zero Based Budgeting” is starting to boost. Zero Based Budgeting is like everything starts in zero base and every function of the organization is analyzed. Maybe this is the start of PNoy’s plan for our country. We think this is a good project because every position is analyzed and the budget for a specific need will not be wasted.

  • Aquino's administration is much focus on eliminating corruption. For that most of the people argue Mr. President because they say he is not doing all his promises to the people, because it is not obvious like what we say president Noynoy focus on defeating the corruption on our country. We admire President Noynoy for being so honest and for being such a model for those future coming president to our country because he is the person who hate corruption, because corruption kills our economy. We can’t literally judge PNoy that he don’t care about our economy because he just still adjusting and it’s just his first year as president. 

  • For us his administration is first solving all the problems that the last administration left that's why his progress is slow because of that hindrances from the last administration problems, because for him the development of our country depends on eliminating all the black sheep of the administration. The corrupt people are the first obligation of PNoy to eliminate them, so that he will be easy for him to raise the country from poverty, and his program will be accomplished. Our country is slowly rising because of his hard work.

We can’t say much because one year is too short to judge our president. He still has 5 more years to improve our economy and our country.


  1. Nice, crisp writing. Instead of taking the all-too-familiar path of either praising or criticizing the president (ad hominem), you were able to highlight core areas that, when given the sufficient right attention, will have the potentials of producing the maximum immediate impact. Just like the rest of the country, we are hopeful that the first year is not an indication of what the remaining five years will be.